Friday, August 10, 2007


Date : 5 July 2007
Age : 1 year old
Location : Living room


Yeh yeh, waited for 1 year, finally finally, its my birthday today. Too bad, Siao Gu admitted to hospital (suspected dengue), Yeh Yeh and Nai Nai went to see Siao Gu, didn't celebrate my birthday with me. :( Never mind, I still have daddy, mommy, Gu Gu and Lao Mak. It was 8:30pm, everybody gathered around, light the candle and sing birthday song to me. Mommy keep asking me to blow the candle after the birthday song, 'bb, blow the candle, blow, fuh... fuh...' but.. hehe.. how would I know??? Mommy did it and cut the cake for everybody. I got to try some, really yummy yummy. 'Mommy, can I have more?' 'No, its too sweaty for you, honey.'

Daddy mommy bought me 3 new dresses. Wai Po bought me a pair of new shoes. :D

Can't wait to cut and eat the cake. Its banana chocolate. Yummy yummy.

Er, hello, can I cut the cake now?

Mommy, I'm hungry.

Ok, can eat after this photo. By the way, right most is Lao Mak and then Gu Gu.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Chinese Shoes

Nai Nai bought this shoes from China. Thoughts its very soft. But its NOT!!

Nice or not? Too big though.

Shower Time

BB : who is this, mommy?
Mommy : it was you when you were 3 days old. And time flies, 3 more days, you gonna be 1 year old.

This is me now. Fairer, cuter, prettier, fatter, etc.

Beckham's old hairstyle, can't really see though.

I like to fill the tupperware full with water, and then empty it. Repeatedly. Why ah??

Stupid look? :p


Date : 30th June 2007
Age : 11 months 3 week 4 days old
Location : Tesco Sungai Petani

Soon Im gonna be 1 year old. Wai Po wants to buy a new pair of shoes for me. Wai Po so sayang me. Today, we went Tesco and shop for shoes. First time I tried on shoes. No pretty shoes there, ended up didn't buy.

This 1 not nice. I don't like.

This 1 ok but not comfortable.


Date : 24th June 2007
Age : 11 months 2 week 5 days old

I always like to go back to mommy's hometown - Mentakab. There got chicken to see, and also can play with Han Han ko ko. This time go back actually wanted to celebrate happy mother's day + happy father's day with Wai Po and Wai Gong.

2 little fellas.

Come, let's see who can climb higher. 1, 2, 3, go...

We go seafood restaurant for dinner. Have you ever heard of a seafood restaurant with no crab?

Han Han ko ko's 1. Mommy forced me to ride on it. "hold me mommy, scared scared"

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