Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy "Moooooooo"cake Festival

Date : 25 Sept 2007
Age : 1 year 2 months 2 weeks 6 days old

Happy Moooooooooooo-cake festival to all yi yis, doo doos, go gos, n je jes.. wish u all pretty/handsome always. im not feeling well today, so no mood to play lantern. No worries, i'll be fine in no time, i'm a strong n tough girl, just like the ba-ba (powerpuff) girls. =D

2nd Hair Cut

Date : 21 Sept 2007
Age : 1 year 2 months 2 weeks 2 days old

Daddy couldn't tahan my long hair, it made me so hot and itchy when i sweat. Thou i look prettier in my long hair, daddy insisted to cut it shorter (without informing mommy :p) Mind u, daddy cut my hair himself. This is the 2nd time. ;)

This is b4.

Ta da!! This is after. How i look? Mommy was so shocked. Kept laughing. LOL!!!

This was the first time daddy cut my hair on my full-moon day.

This photo has nothing to do with the title above thou. When mommy was searching my 1st time haircut photo, she saw this kinda cute photo n thought how time flies. That was during confinement, i was still very fragile n now im 14 monthss old, running everywhere, up down in out.

Friday, September 21, 2007

YinYue Look-alike Meter

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.

All the while ppl said i look like daddy, now this proved it. I 3% look alike daddy. But got some ppl say the older i grow the more i look alike mommy.


Date : 20 Sept 2007
Age : 1 year 2 months 2 weeks 1 day old

I like to draw lately. Daddy asked me to draw on this they called 'paper'. Mommy taught me how to hold the pen correctly, i kept switching from left hand to right hand.

Yeh Yeh & Nai Nai & Bottle & Mouse

Date : 19 Sept 2007
Age : 1 year 2 months 2 weeks old

Me and mommy sit there nothing to do today, so mommy goes:

Mommy : bb, say nai nai
Me : nen nen
Mommy : not nen nen, say nai nai
Me : nai nai
Mommy : good girl, say yeh yeh
Me : yeh yeh
Mommy : good girl, say gu gu(aunt)
Me : doo doo
Mommy : say wai poh
Me : wa ba
Mommy : wai poh
Me : ...
Mommy : ok, say wai gong
Me : ...
Mommy : ok, good girl, say bottle
Me : ba bao
Mommy : bottle
Me : ba bao
Mommy : mouse
Me : mao
Mommy : mouse
Me : mao


Mommy cut the cardboard into all kinds of shapes, coz mommy think i can learn it faster as i can hold it in my hand. Proved!!! I straight away know star n moon.
star -> i said 'dar'
moon -> i said 'mooo'

Flash Card

Date : 18 Sept 2007
Age : 1 year 2 months 1 week 6 days old

Mommy made me a set of flash card, hehehe, home made, forgotten when started the flash card. But today i can recognice 'dog' n 'cat' word already. Daddy mommy so happy. Faster record it down. They r so proud of me.

Little Beethoven

Date : 10 Sept 2007
Age : 1 year 2 months 5 days old

Shower Time

Date : 8 Sept 2007
Age : 1 year 2 months 3 days old

Told ya, I've the best daddy in the world. :P Daddy baths me everyday.

Getting ready to play water.

Aiyer, don't know got 'shit' inside or not?

The different between mommy n daddy is, mommy always sing me song, daddy nope. "London bridge is falling down, falling down falling down, London bridge is falling down, my fair lady"

What u looking at? Go away or i'll throw u..

Done!!! Wah, u still here.


14 Months Achivement

Nose -> i say 'no'
Eyes -> i say 'aik'
Ear -> i say 'yi'
1, 2, 1, 2 -> i say 'yi, er, yi, er'

14 Months Old Gift

Date : 5 Sept 2007
Age : 1 year 2 months old

Hoorayyyyy!!! Daddy bought me this today as I like to make 'mmmm' 'mmmm' (car's sound) lately.


Date : 4 Sept 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 3 weeks 7 days old

I like ball very much. I like to throw, i like to kick. Daddy is a pro in football, both of us always play football everyday. Daddy said 'she must be a pro female footballer in the future..' ha, who knows. Do i look like those 'ah beng' resting there after a tired game? hahahahhaa.. :D

I love ball ball until this extend:

Grandma - Nai Nai

Date : 3 Sept 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 3 weeks 6 days old

Mommy : bb, call nai nai
Me : nen nen
Mommy : nai nai
Me : nen nen
Mommy : not nen nen, call nai nai
Me : nen nen
Mommy : ok, tbc...

Black Green

Date : 31 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 3 weeks 5 days old

People out there celebrating Merdeka, i pulak cry like 'heaven' at home. Y? Look at me, notice anything? yeah, i fall down n hit my forehead.. soooooooooooooooooo pain, n i cry soooooooooo loud. How i fall down? hehe, I covered myself with the blanket n walked on the mattress, daddy was reading book, didn't really pay attention on me. Suddenly heard 'KONG!!!!'

Yum Yum & 7th Tooth

Date : 29 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 3 weeks 3 days old

My appetite so good lately, morning i can finish 1 big bowl of vege, lunch i eat 1 big bowl of porridge, in between got nen nen, got biscuit, got orange juice, then dinner oso 1 big bowl, then supper oso.. err, supper no big bowl la, but at least half a bowl.. mommy got scared seeing my BIG TUMMY!!!

I'm getting more n more teeth, my 7th tooth just came out. Mommy still can't manage to take the photos. akkakak..

First Bloody Wound

Date : 24 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 2 week 5 days old

Since i know how to walk already, i like to walk on myself outside. So daddy put on my shoes and let me walk. Ended up with this ugly wound on my knee. Mommy said 'aiyo, like that how to take part in miss malaysia?'

Can't remember how i got this... hmmmm... oh ya, the music box. So now they banned me from playing with the music box. Have u ever since a music box which can kill ppl?


Date : 23 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 2 week 4 days old

I think i'm smarter than other babies, hahahhaa.. y? coz i not only know motorbike, i know also nombor plate, signal light, absorber, pedal, break, wheel, and the key. kakakakkakaka.. i know how to say key also. My key sounds like 'yi' or 'ji'. :P How to i know all this? Every morning mommy will let me play with this motorbike, n everytime, 'bb, wheres the key? wheres the nombor plate? where this where that'.. thats how i learn..

6th Tooh & Dog Dog & Mosquito

Date : 21 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 2 week 2 days old

Woo-ooo, my 6th tooth came out. Mom tried so hard to take my photo but i didn't wan to open my mouth. So mommy draw it. Yeh, i've 6 teeth in total.

Everyday i'll surprise mommy by saying new word now. Today i said 'DOG!!!!!' instead of 'wooh wooh' n 'Mo' when mommy said mosquito. I so busy nowadays, everyday learns new words. Mommy, give me more words, can't wait to learn all of them. hahahhaa..
Lately duno who taught me to be so violent, always ask me to 打打打. 打 this 打 that. See moving things on the floor, 打also.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Date : 18 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 1 week 6 days old

New Achivements

Date : 14 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 1 week 2 day old

To date, I know where is chin, forehead, elbow, bowl, toe, knee, mouth, tougue, ear, nose, eye, head, belly button, hand, finger, feet, hair...
I know how to say:
flower : wa wa
baby : bi
elbow : bow


Date : 13 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 1 week 1 day old

Wah, mommy so bad, ppl in the middle of doing biz, she go take camera n... :`(

Daily Routine

Age : 1 year 1 month 1 week old

8:30am-9am ~ wake up
9:30am-10am ~ breastfast
10am-11am ~ watch bee smart baby cd & bb music cd; walk here n there, from living room to kitchen, n from kitchen to living room; play with my 'masak masak' & dog dog.
11am+ ~ take shower
12pm+ ~ afternoon nap
2pm ~ wake up
2pm+ ~ lunch
3-5pm ~ play with my 'masak masak' again
5pm+ ~ nap 7pm : dinner
7pm + ~ go for a walk
8pm-10pm ~ play with nai nai n yeh yeh
10pm+ ~ clean up n chg pajamas
11pm ~ walk in the bedroom. maybe recently learnt how to walk already, so i fall in love with walking. like to walk here n there. from this end to another end, n that end to this end (refer to the pic below). daddy said im trying to finish up my battery.. otherwise, cannot sleep. =D
11pm+ ~ give mommy n daddy good nite kiss n then sleep


Date : 12 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 1 week old

Daddy bought me a new bottle, this is my first time drink water from a straw. They tought gonna train me for few days only i know how to drink with straw. Who knows, I drink like normal oni. hahahhaa.. =D

Mommy & Baby Talk

Date : 9 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 1 week old

Mommy : call mommy
bb : nen
Mommy : mommy
bb : nen
Mommy : mommy
bb : nen

Mommy : mommy
bb : mi

Mommy : mommy
bb : mi

Mommy : mommy
bb : ma ma

Mommy : mommy
bb : ma mi

Mommy : mommy
bb : mi

Mommy : mommy
bb : mi

Mommy super duper happy.

Global Breastfeeding Wave

Date : 8 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 6 days old

A very meaningful day. Early early morning after I wake up, mommy quickly changed my pajamas, put on nice clothes, n off daddy, mommy n i headed to Penang Caring Complex for the meaningful event - Global Breastfeeding Wave. Since i born till now, mommy has been exclusively breastfeeding me. I'm so proud of mommy. She stands so firm to breastfeed me even though she faced many obstacles along the way.

This wave event was organized by the World Alliance Breastfeeding Action (WABA) in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week, when mothers from 21 countries taking part breastfed their babies for 1 minute at 10am local time on Aug 8. Among the countries that took part were Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Cameroon, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Uganda, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, United States, Greece, Japan and the Philippines. They wanted to make it into the Guiness World Record. I'm in the Guiness World Record. Wow!!!

We just reached there. After registering, we found a seat n snap some photos.

It was on Wednesday, daddy purposely took leave to bring us there. So we taught we are the ONLY chinese.. hahahha.. guess we were wrong, quite a number of chinese family there too. :P Look at the crowd. Can u spot where r we?

10am sharp!! Start! All mommies started breastfeeding their babies now. Oh, there was 1 rule, must breastfeed the whole entire 1 minute. If the baby stopped b4 1 minute, no count. Mommy so worried that we wouldn't qualified as i'm a very curious type of person, always want to look here n there, n there was so many new things for me to explore that day. Nevertheless, i good girl, suckled for more than 1 minute. After 1 minute, the MC announced 'Congratulations all mothers and babies, we made the record. You may continue breastfeed your baby. Tq' Yeah yeah, we made it.

60 mothers n babies made it to the record.

My first time, we were like a BIG STAR. One of the photographer from The Sun, came n asked mommy if its ok for him to take some photos of her breastfeeding me infront of the banner. Mommy so sporting type of person ofcoz said no problem la. So he grabbed a chair n let us sit on it. By the time he started taking photos, ALL other photographer from other newspaper came and took also. Wah, u cannot imagine, how much flashlight that time. We were like the celebrity walking on the red carpet. kakakakaka.. =D

My paed Dr. Balkees, the only one licensed lactation consultant in Penang.

We signed our name, actually mommy's name only, :( mommy should have signed my name also (sorry la sweety, mommy forgotten).

Ta da!!!! We are in The Sun newspaper on 9 Aug 2007, also in The Star and Guang Ming.

A day with Daddy

Date : 7 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 5 days old

Its Tuesday n its so boring. Daddy saw me doing nothing, walk here n there, he came n played with me. I loved to play with daddy. He can make me laugh like 'heaven'. LOL!!!

This is me when I was 5 months old.

This is me now. Totally different.

Shopping Bag

Date : 6 August 2007
Age : 1 year 1 month 4 days old

I like to carry basket or bag or even paper bag to go gai gai now. =)

This look like a pretty lady, aint it?
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