Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hand, Feet, Hair & $$$

Date : 25 July 2007
Age : 1 year 2 weeks 6 days old

Ha, today i learnt what is hand hand, feet and hair.

Mommy : bb, wheres ur hand hand?
me: (raise up my hand)
Mommy : wah, good girl. wheres ur feet?
me: (raise up my feet)
Mommy : wah, thats ur feet huh. good girl. wheres ur hair hair?
me: (touch n grab my hair)
Mommy : good girl good girl. wheres 'mei mei' (pretty)?
me: (touch my head n say) mum mum.
Mommy : not mum mum, say mei mei.
me: mum mum.
Mommy : Apple
me: ple ple
Mommy : Apple
me: ple ple
Mommy : Sayang sayang.

I like to play with daddy's wallet, daddy has so many stuff inside.

What is this? Can i eat it mommy?

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