Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pet Pet UP!!!!

Date : 2 August 2007
Age : 1 year 4 weeks old

Nowadays i'm abit heavy for mommy to lift me up when changing the nappy. So mommy thought of teaching me to lift up my bottom myself. Today mommy kept saying 'bb, pet pet up'. I didn't understand a word, looked at mommy cluelessly. hehehe. Then mommy thought of a genius way. Because i like to follow wat mommy does, so mommy laid down n did something like the photo below n said 'bb, look at mommy, this is pet pet up. u c, this is pet pet (pointing to her pet pet), n we lift it up, like this. C'mon, bb, u can do it. Pet pet UP!' Abit kiasu, to show that i m a smart girl, i followed mommy and lifted up my pet pet. hahahahha.. mommy can save a lot of energy now during my nappy changing. ;)

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