Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bowl & Toe

Date : 1 August 2007
Age : 1 year 3 weeks 6 days old

Today i can say 'BOWL' when again mommy ask me 'bb, what is this?' while holding the bowl, which has my 'mum mum' inside. Now everyday also got new word to learn. One word a day, keeps the brain awake. kakakkakaka..

These are my little toes. Today's word is TOE!!! Mommy massage my little toes, and say 'bb, this is ur toooooooooooooooe'. Guess what, i got it right after mommy just repeated the word twice. ;)

Mommy : bb, wat is this? (massaging my little toe)
me: toooooooooou.. :P

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