Wednesday, September 5, 2007

1 Year Old Achievements

Date : 5 July 2007
Age : 1 year old

Haha, look what I've accomplised so far:

  1. We have a glass door in our house to separate the dining room and the kitchen. When mommy is preparing the porridge in the kitchen, she close the glass door so she can prepare my 'mum mum' without my interruption, while I alone playing in the dining room. To mommy's surprise, I managed to slide and open the glass door today. Mommy quickly 'Wah, strong girl, you can open the door already!'
  2. Been pushing chair to learn how to walk until 2 July 2007, mommy tried to let me walk alone, without support, I managed to walk 2-3 steps towards mommy. Mommy so happy to see me walk my FIRST STEP!! When daddy back from work in the evening, mommy show off. :P
  3. Mommy : turtle
    Me : tle
    Mommy : turtle
    Me : tle
  4. Mommy : wash your 'pet pet'
    Me : bab bab
    Mommy : pet pet
    Me : bab bab
  5. I know I have EAR, NOSE, and TONGUE.
  6. I can say 'bao bao' when want mommy to cuddle.
  7. I like to throw things still, especially REMOTE CONTROL, throw until the batteries come out and eat the batteries. But after mommy taught me 'put it back', amazingly, I know how to put the batteries back to the remote control. Mommy quickly say 'wah, smart girl, mommy sayang'.
  8. Forgot when mommy train me poo poo on potty, everytime mommy say 'bb, hand hand put knee', I understand this and follow. Mommy say bb so cute. =)
  9. My 4th tooth came out. Unfortunately no photo to show. Coz everytime mommy tries to snap my photo, I keep my mouth close or turn here and there. Failure.
  10. ball - boh
    bird - ber
    baby - ba ba
    duck - duck duck
    book - booooooook
    fish - fi
    nen nen
    dog - wooh woooh
    cat - biao
    butterfly - ba
    turtle - tle
    pet pet - bab bab

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