Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka

Age: 4 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and 5 days old

Teacher did this and passed to each one of us. Happy Merdeka Malaysia.

We went shopping mall on Merdeka eve coz nothing to do at home. This is my first time get the chance to play this machine. Always surrounded by many kids every time we go there. First time player, I consider quite smart. Hehehehe... (action-nya)

Happy cheer-lady.

Then we saw a group of goh-goh jie-jie performing on the stage. Mommy asked me "do you want to sing like goh-goh jie-jie on the stage?" I said "Don't want". "Why?" Mommy asked again. I kept silent and concentrate on the show.

Hungry, waiting for our 'kaya-ball' snack. I told mom "Mommy, kaya-ball is junk food, cannot eat everyday." "Oh yes, good girl, mommy sayang."

When we about to leave, we saw this contest from Sushi King - finish the big bowl in 10 mins. The big bowl is really BIG.

On Merdeka day itself, we attended a wedding reception. I always loved to wear/try mommy's dress even though its too big for me. How do I look? Hahahaa...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to School

Age: 4 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and 2 days old

Happily dressed up and back to school after 14 days of 'locked-up' at home. Mommy thought I'd be very happy in school coz I've so many friends there. But when mommy pick me up this evening, I told mommy:

Me: "Mommy, I cried in the school today."
Mommy: "Huh? Why?"
Me: "Loh Wee Kee and Daniel Lee they all pat me, I thought they are monsters, so I cried."
Mommy: "You thought there are monsters, so you cried, and then Loh Wee Kee and Daniel Lee come and pat you to sayang you?"
Me: "No, Loh Wee Kee and Daniel Lee are monsters, they pat me, so I cried loh."

Mommy went -_-"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chicken Pox

Age: 4 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and 1 day old

I got chicken pox, can't believe it!!! Mommy said the virus must be from school.

Started from 11 August, I complained that I had headache, requested to be at home. "Mommy, can I be at home?" I asked. This is the first time I complained about headache, so mommy allowed me to stay home. I was OK throughout the whole day. Mommy thought I must be heaty or something.

The next day, no more headache. As mommy was dressing me up and combing my hair (preparing to school), she noticed three red dots near my right ear. She said "Wah, got mosquito bite you last night, 3 some more." She searched through other parts of my body to see if got more. Really found some more on my hands and legs. "Wait a minute!" Mommy said. "Oits! This is chicken pox la. Daddy, come and see. BB got chicken pox. Aiyo, Finally!"

I don't know what chicken pox is, just know there are many red dots on my body and mommy asked me not to scratch them. I was so excited (no need to go to school ma, hahahaha). Mommy brought me to the clinic to confirm and get medicine and cream to apply on.

I stayed at home or rather been 'locked-up' at home from 11 August to 26 August, absent for 14 days. Luckily, I've been quite OK, no fever at all, been sleeping well. Appetite not so good thou. I liked the medicine (for itchiness), would long for it after meal. Mommy no eye see. Usually I don't take medicine even though I fever.

First time to apply the cream on, so excited and happy.

Legs are full of it.

Same goes to my body.

My face and head has no exception. I like the 3 dots on my nose. Mommy said not many on face. Lucky.

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