Friday, July 14, 2006

Jaundice - Sun Bathing

I was quite yellowish - jaundice, so mummy put me sun bathing early in the morning everyday.

Went for the check up, jaundice level went up to 384, Doc Balkees said very high, admited for phototherapy. I wasn't alone because mummy accompanied me in the hospital. Jaundice level went down to 258 the next day. Doc said can discharge if its 250, so mum and dad discharged me.

More sun bathing at home as still yellowish. Look at my sunglasses, cool huh! You can't buy it anywhere. A very nice nurse in the hospital gave it to me. 

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Happy 1 Week Old

First family photo when I was 1 week old.

Mummy loves me so so much. I love you too mum. 

Dad: Hands up!!
Me: Please! Please! Daddy, let me go! I didn't do anything wrong. All I do is sleep and eat only.

I was very tan, all said I followed dad's skin. Not bad, tan = healthy. Many adults want to get tan or pay to get tan, while I was born with that, hehehe.. cool. But mum, how come so many pimples on my face? You didn't wipe my face after every feeding?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sleeping Styles

See my glove is like bigger than my head.

Ah-doh.... Bruce Lee is here.

I like to bend over my left side.

No eye see.

Daddy always wonder if my right hand will numb whenever I sleep like this. Daddy, never.

Ultraman is coming, all the monsters will be gone. Du..du..du..du..du.. (ultraman is using her power to kill monster)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Friday, July 7, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Ready to go home on the 3rd day. Daddy wrapped me all in PINK as I'm a gal. See my cute little pointed hat?  Yeh, can't wait to go home.

Reached home, nai nai put me on my rocker (or what should I call this, cradle?).

First time in my own little plastic green-colored bath tub (don't know why mummy bought green, I'm a girl, should have bought PINK! ). Mummy said I was very  girl because I didn't cry when bathing. This surprised mummy because she expected me cry as she has seen many babies cry when they bath.

Grrr.... Mummy, I'm so cold, quickly put me on clothes.

The confinement lady didn't know how to clean my cord, made me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pain. 

Ok, all done. Mummy, I think my shirt is abit too big for me la. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

First Day Of My Life - 5 July 2006

Hi, I'm gonna start this little bloggie by introducing myself. My name is Teoh Yin Yue, born to Teoh Chin Hong and Connie Mooi Jwu Shan. I don't have an English name as daddy thought that we Chinese (heir of the dragon) do not need an English name (daddy don't have one either, but mummy has one - Connie, lovely isn't it? ). Well, I'm cool with it. I think it's better because I might not like what they name me if they had. I'd prefer to get one myself when I want it. *phew*

This is how I came to this world, mummy's last push (3rd) and I was out of mummy's stomach, started my FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE and breathed in my FIRST AIR. It was 5 July 2006, 3.07pm, at Srigim Women and Children Hospital, Penang.
Daddy was standing next to mummy supporting mummy. Mummy said this photo is to remind me of how difficult it was to deliver me. Hmm.. I must sayang/love mummy the max.  
Tah dah!! Here I'm. Daddy cut my umbilical cord himself. The nurse wasn't experience enough to take photo, should have included daddy's head .

They stuck a pipe into my mouth. I cried out loud and no one seemed to come and rescue me.

I was 2.72kg.

All wrap up, haven't cleaned up yet thou.

Mummy said this is called PLACENTA. It provided me all the food and nutrient I needed when I was in mummy's stomach. *yucks* looks ugly.
Mummy breastfeeding me the 2nd time. First time was in the labor room right after I was born.

Mummy first saw my stools.
Lao Ma (Yeh Yeh's mum), Yeh Yeh and Nai Nai visited me in the hospital.
Daddy sayang'ing me. 
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