Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another Outing

Venue : Sunway Carnival Mall, Penang

I love ball ball now. Today, mommy brought me to Sunway Carnival Mall. Right after we entered the mall, i shouted 'BALL! BALL!' 'No bb, that's not a ball, that's balloon' mommy said. I kept saying 'ball, ball'. Daddy had no choice but to get me 1 'ball ball' no matter how. =p

Notice my little pink hair pin? Hehehe...

Me and mommy in the baby room, after the 'nen nen' time. Mommy said the baby room is so cute, insisted to take photo in there.

I love teddy bear too. ermm... not only teddy bear, should be any soft toy. I'll go crazy for them when i c them. Whenever i c them from far far away, i'll point there n command dad dad to bring me there. hahahahha.. c me in the photo? do u c how much i love the bear bear. daddy didn't buy the bear bear thou. coz we hav alot at home already. :P

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