Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Word - Doo? Choo?

Date : 13 July 2007
Age : 1 year 1 week 1 day old

First time wear my new mei mei shoes, and wear mei mei hair pin, off we go kai kai looo.. I'm so happy, keep looking down at my new shoes and keep saying 'choo' or sometimes 'doo'.. mommy can't figure out it's 'doo' or 'choo'.

My favorite activity now is WALK!!! Proudly say that i can walk up to maximum 11 steps now. Muaaahahahha.. Most of the time walk few steps, fall down/sit down, then stand again, walk few steps again, fall down again, and stand, walk, fall again n again n again. Mommy salutes my burning desire to walk. Amazing. Wonder if this will make my 'bab bab' flat or not. =D

I like to play with dad dad n i LOVE weekends, coz when i wake up, i'll c dad dad lying there, n i'll go kacau him, wake him up to play with me. daddy, i love u. Mommy tried to show me daddy's medical book which has daddy's photo in it. Mommy asked 'bb, who is this?' 'DAD!' i said. Later mommy show me her watch, which has a little sticker on the back of her watch. The sticker is a photo of mommy n daddy. Mommy pointed daddy in the photo n asked 'bb, who is this?' 'DAD!' i said. Then mommy pointed to herself in the photo n asked 'bb, who is this?' '....' no sound from me. Mommy so jealous. hahahhaa..

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