Thursday, September 20, 2007

Daily Routine

Age : 1 year 1 month 1 week old

8:30am-9am ~ wake up
9:30am-10am ~ breastfast
10am-11am ~ watch bee smart baby cd & bb music cd; walk here n there, from living room to kitchen, n from kitchen to living room; play with my 'masak masak' & dog dog.
11am+ ~ take shower
12pm+ ~ afternoon nap
2pm ~ wake up
2pm+ ~ lunch
3-5pm ~ play with my 'masak masak' again
5pm+ ~ nap 7pm : dinner
7pm + ~ go for a walk
8pm-10pm ~ play with nai nai n yeh yeh
10pm+ ~ clean up n chg pajamas
11pm ~ walk in the bedroom. maybe recently learnt how to walk already, so i fall in love with walking. like to walk here n there. from this end to another end, n that end to this end (refer to the pic below). daddy said im trying to finish up my battery.. otherwise, cannot sleep. =D
11pm+ ~ give mommy n daddy good nite kiss n then sleep

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