Sunday, July 5, 2009

I AM 3!!!

Age: 3 years old

I'm 3 years old now. How time flies. Daddy bought a chocolate cake for me and some birthday goodies.

3 years old with 3 candles. Everybody is waiting to sing me the birthday song.

I'm so lucky to have 荟荟妹妹 (大姑's little princess) celebrate birthday with me. She is so cute and adorable.

After birthday song, I blow the candles.

Me posing with mommy and 小姑.

One happy family again. Today is also this family's 3rd anniversary.

爷爷 is here sitting on the massage chair.

Birthday mask and hat, with a little elmo there.

Everybody likes my birthday mask. First is daddy.

Then 小姑.

Last mommy.

I so happy with the birthday hat, didn't want to take it off. Even we went shopping after the birthday party, my hat was still on my head. =D

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