Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME

Age: 4 years old

Time flies. Today is my BIG DAY! As usual, I went to school in the daytime. Normally, my friend would celebrate his/her birthday at school, all of us sing birthday song and the birthday boy/girl would distribute birthday presents to all of us. Mommy and daddy are wondering since when birthday girl is the one who gives away presents? Isn't she the one who supposed to receive presents? And mommy shakes head when see all the junk food inside the present. Since mommy doesn't really like these 2 ideas, she didn't follow this culture then. Instead, we celebrated my birthday ourselves happily at night. And out of sudden, mommy thought of something. The birthday girl must also prepare a present for her MOMMY. Because this was the most painful day mommy ever had. =P Mommy already given her the greatest gift of all (life and breast milk) =D. Next year, I have to prepare.

Drinks and cakes ordered. Happily waiting for them.

While waiting, I couldn't sit still. Jumping all around.

Kakacaucau... refused to look into the camera. Muahaha...

Finally... mommy managed to take one.

Yippee!!! My cheesy cheese cakes are here. We had our dinner, so small slices enough.

Mommy is not feeling too well due to morning sickness. My little brother is inside mommy's tummy. =P However, mommy insisted to celebrate my birthday.

After photos taking, my mission started.

And I don't care about how ugly I looked.

Mommy shakes head.

Mommy: BB, look over there! (mommy curi curi eat my cake)

NO!!! I better finish it now.

Don't really like the taste of it.

Switched my focus to this Banana Split (with ice cream, my favorite). Love this.

"Cheese cake, don't worry, I'll come back to you once I finish this Banana Split. Wait ah."

Dododododo... delicious..

Can't stop stuffing my mouth.

We finished all in no time.

*Phew. FULL. Satisfaction guaranteed. =)

Daddy mommy I love you! Muakz...

Lastly, birthday kisses from daddy mommy.

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