Thursday, September 1, 2011

Revision & Exam

Age: 5 years, 1 month, 3 weeks & 6 days old

It's always revision and exam before a holiday. Below are some revision I've done before my exam (forgot to take other subjects). I loved them all (I preferred doing this than pure reading).

Chinese revision. Mummy is so proud of her work. LOL! 

Malay revision.

Malay again.

Chinese revision.

Chinese again.

Still Chinese.

Mummy even did this!

Mummy can improve her drawings through my revision. =P

Malay again.




Telling a story based on the pictures. I've improved my story telling skill. =)

And after some hard work, heres my exams:
Chinese - 100%

English - 100%

Malay - 96.5%

Malay mistake #1 - mistaken swing and climbing frame.

Malay mistake #2

Math - 100%

Moral - 95%

Moral mistake #1 - colored wrongly

Moral mistake #2 - Do not litter. I didn't understand the picture.

Science - 96%

Science mistake #1 - wing and feather 'terbalik'

Science mistake #2 - nail should be metal

Alltogether I got 13 stars!!! Mummy was impressed and so proud of me. 
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