Sunday, April 29, 2007

CNY 2007

17/2/2007 - Woo woo, going back to wai poh's house.

17/2/2007 - Reached wai poh's house at 8pm. Finally, 6 hours drive, tired. Time to sleep. But don't know why so many visitors in my bedroom.

18/2/2007 - With wai gong. First day of CNY, 7am wake up, to jie cai sen (prosperity god).

18/2/2007 - Daddy & mommy & little Yin Yue.

18/2/2007 - After that, go uncle's house jie cai sen again.

18/2/2007 - With Ah Heng kor kor.

18/2/2007 - Yin Yin je je don't want apple, I want. Yummy yummy.

18/2/2007 - My new pinky CNY wear.

18/2/2007 - Wow, first time witness lion dance. COOL!! Ha, mommy thought I'd be scared, asked daddy to bring me upstairs. Who knows, from start till the end I didn't even blink my eyes. :D

19/2/2007 - Yin Yin je je sayang'ing me.

19/2/2007 - Chiu Qi je je

19/2/2007 - Do re mi fa so, do=Huan Huan kor kor, re=Yin Yue, mi=daddy, fa=Jie Jie kor kor, so=Bin Bin kor kor.

19/2/2007 - With mommy after lunch.

19/2/2007 - MOOI's family.

19/2/2007 - Our little family.

19/2/2007 - Kai Je kor kor, ah Huan kor kor and Chiu Yee je je.

19/2/2007 - Next generation of MOOI's family.

20/2/2007 - Third day of CNY, need to go back to Penang already. Just got familiar with wai poh and now need to be aparted again. Wai poh bye bye.

20/2/2007 - On the way back to penang, the gentleman is my 'shu gong' - wai gong's brother. he wasn't the one made me cry. daddy was the one. daddy put on sunglassess, he looked weird, scarry, i couldn't recognise daddy, didn't know who is that. Mommy bz taking me crying photos. :'(

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