Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy 9 Months Old - 5 April 2007

I'm 9 months old already. I know many things now: potty, light, duck duck, cat, dog, king of china, picture on the wall (8 gods crossing the sea), lizard, book, fan, ball, umbrella, fish, bird, clork, telephone, air con.

I have 2 teeth now, and weight 7.4kg, healthy and happy.

I like to hold on something to stand up. I like to twist my wrist. I like to baobao, look myself in the mirror (such a pretty girl ;)), like to play underneath the table. Learning to crawl using my knees, slowly.

Eat : apple, pear, orange, watermelon, banana, sweet potato, sweet bean, spinach, pumpkin, carrot, fish, meat, porridge, rice cereal and any grean leafs vege. *yummy yummy* *slurp*

Speak : ba ba.. mum mum.. yi ah yi ah..

Many people think I'm a boyboy.

Mommy thought I will bang my head, but hahaha, I'm pro. :p

I like to stand nowadays.

I like to flip.

Finally, I can reach this. :D

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