Monday, April 30, 2007


Hehe, I'm taller now. Cannot stand underneath the table anymore.

I like this peek-n-squeak bunny, Yek Nee ah yee bought for me when she visited me on my full moon day.

Opps, mommy caught me messing her drawer.

Oh no, pimple again!! :'(

New Achievements

11/4/2007 : Like to push chair/high chair, and I follow step by step, start learning walking.
24/4/2007 : Crawl using knees, slow thou.
25/4/2007 : Know how to put hands together and clap.
26/4/2007 : Know which 1 is nose. When mommy says 'bb, wheres mommy's nose?', I go and pinch mommy's nose. And I know 'gong xi' 'gong xi' already. :D

Young Jedi

Big vs Small

Picture taken on 17/4/2007 - me 9 months +

Daddy, come let me help you. :p

Happy Happy Nite B4 Bed Time

Pictures taken on 19/4/2007 : Daddy keep saying 'mosquito', 'mosquito'.. make me laugh until...



Wahhh.. cannot tahan liao, must lol... :D

My funny daddy.

Mommy also wants to take photo with a laughing me.

Girl girl

Picture taken 10/4/2007 - More girl-ish look now.

Happy 9 Months Old - 5 April 2007

I'm 9 months old already. I know many things now: potty, light, duck duck, cat, dog, king of china, picture on the wall (8 gods crossing the sea), lizard, book, fan, ball, umbrella, fish, bird, clork, telephone, air con.

I have 2 teeth now, and weight 7.4kg, healthy and happy.

I like to hold on something to stand up. I like to twist my wrist. I like to baobao, look myself in the mirror (such a pretty girl ;)), like to play underneath the table. Learning to crawl using my knees, slowly.

Eat : apple, pear, orange, watermelon, banana, sweet potato, sweet bean, spinach, pumpkin, carrot, fish, meat, porridge, rice cereal and any grean leafs vege. *yummy yummy* *slurp*

Speak : ba ba.. mum mum.. yi ah yi ah..

Many people think I'm a boyboy.

Mommy thought I will bang my head, but hahaha, I'm pro. :p

I like to stand nowadays.

I like to flip.

Finally, I can reach this. :D

Potty Training

Picture taken on 2/4/2007, 3 days to 9 months old. First time sit on potty without mommy's support. Mommy asked me to put hand hand on my knees.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just Me

Mommy said I like books very much, especially ANIMALS.

Little brother.

First Bite

I have 2 teeth when I was 8 months old.

First bite - I loved to bite mommy.

Usana Biz Preview

19/3/2007 - This handsome guy is Simon Chan kor kor. Mommy brought me to Usana Biz Preview at G Hotel.


F1 at Gurney Plaza - 10/3/2007

What car is this?

Daddy taking part in the contest.

Daddy's favorite car.

Daddy qualified to semifinal.

Yeh, daddy has won a ticket to F1 Sepang Circuit. Wait a minute, who is this botak black guy.


God ar, please give me some more toys to play with.


2/3/2007 - What!!! Again?!?!?! This is what? 3rd or 4th one?

Eat Alphabets



My Favorite Place

27/2/2007 - I like to play under the table.

Daddy's Chung Ling Student Reunion Dinner

20/2/2007 - Dinner at Pearlview Hotel. Daddy met lots of his old friends in high school. Me and mommy know none of them. Boring. Their programs also boring. Wish can go home as early as possible.

20/2/2007 - First time me on high chair.

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