Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dream Come True + Butterfly Farm + World Breastfeeding Week 2011

Age: 5 years, 1 month & 6 days old

"Mummy, I think sitting in a bus must be very nice.", "Mummy, why don't we take bus?", "Mummy, I want to take the bus.", "Wah, this bus is so big ah, must be very nice."....... I've been nagging and hinting mummy for years about taking a bus. Finally my dream came true last Sunday. 

Mummy wanted to join in the flashmob at Gurney Plaza last Sunday for the World Breastfeeding Week 2011. But daddy needed to attend a full-day course (from 9am-6pm) on that day. So if we were to follow daddy's car (only has 1 car), me, YangYang and mummy must leave at 8am in the morning too, but the flashmob is at 2:30pm. =( Mummy was scratching head to join the flashmob or not to join. If she joined, what to do in Gurney Plaza from 9am-6pm except for the flashmob at 2:30pm, and its only for 5 mins. And she has to carry YangYang and me tagging along. Long story short, mummy decided to go and granted my long-wished dream - a bus ride (actually to kill her time :p). We went to Penang Butterfly Farm by BUS! Another reason why mummy chose the Butterfly Farm was because I wanted to see beetle (big one).

It was about 9am and sunny day. We waited at the bus stop near Gurney Plaza.
Happily shooting photos.
It was too hot at the bus stop, so we waited under a tree next to the bus stop, but we have to stand. And what a  day, we waited for an hour only found out that no bus would come to this bus stop, and this bus stop has been rejected. WHAT?!?!?! AIYO!!!!! FOR ONE WHOLE HOUR WE WAITED THERE!!! SIGH! Then we had to walk to a bus stop further down the road. Poor mummy, she was babywearing Yang Yang, carrying a bag and also holding my hand. About 5 minutes walk, we reached another bus stop. Waited for another 5-10 minutes. It was so hot. In order not to regret, mummy kept saying 'Butterfly Farm' 'Butterfly Farm'... This is what people say 'keep your eye on the prize.' =)
Luckily the bus came after 5-10mins. This is my FIRST TIME taking a bus. I was so happy. An old lady (not so old la actually) was so kind to offer us her seat, as she said she was about to get down. It was an educational trip for me too. In the bus, I've learnt the STOP bell - we have to press the STOP bell (they are everywhere) when we reach our destination and want to get down. Otherwise the bus driver wouldn't know. I also learnt "Danger, don't stand near the door". 
Yeh! We reached finally!
I tried to reach my hand out, but no butterfly land on my hand. Not as lucky as my first time here (a butterfly landed on my forehead). 
Big fish!
I couldn't see the tortoises so...
Magic lily pond!
Finally I saw beetles, mission accomplished, not live one tho. Actually I saw live one before during my first visit. 
This is really a BIG beetle. 
Her name is Orni! Kinda cute. After butterfly farm, we took another bus back to Gurney Plaza for the flashmob.
This is our first flashmob. Can you see me and mummy and YangYang? Hint: at the side. =)
After the flashmob, I was half dead. So we went to the nursing room. Luckily the couch  is long enough for me to sleep. Mummy breastfed YangYang there while I was sleeping. 
I was really tired. 
One hour later, I've recharged and hungry. Snack time. We had Tau-fu-fa.
Me at Gurney Drive. It was 6pm+.
Low tide?
Thank God daddy finished his course and joined us at 6pm+. We had dinner at Gurney Drive and reached home at 8pm+. What a tiring and fruitful day!


Sheoh Yan said...

It seems so tired for your mummy. Yin Yue was able to take a short nap, but mummy couldn't. So, thumbs up for mummy, and Yin Yue is a very good girl too.

Alice Law said...

O-M-Godnesss!!! Such an enormous beetle, gonna pay a visit if we drop by Penang!

Sigh... not easy leh, taking bus... especially the waiting time! Auntie has passed this state liao(dreaming of taking a bus), now auntie wanna ride cruise pulak!;p

p/s: You are still not late for the Fisher-Price contest. You can wait for nxt week though, got doodle board for prize!;D

Small Kucing said...

what a wonderful time you have there. Makan a lot? can see from your baju :p

Hey, take care ya.

Yang Yang said...

@Sheoh Yan, really VERY tiring for mummy. Had to baby-wear me (YangYang), whole day (except in the nursing room), carry the bag, n hold jie-jie's hand. Her shoulder can throw away at the end of the day. ^0^ But to let her beloved daughter aka jiejie aka Yin Yue dreams come true, she said its worth it. OH MOTHER'S LOVE IS THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL! =)

@Alice Law, mummy asked Yin Yue 'do you still want to take bus? c we have to wait for so long n under hot sun.' who knows Yin Yue replied 'yes, can we take 1 more time?' -_-"

@Small Kucing, that baju quite small already 1, outgrown already, but she insisted want to wear that one. You take care too ya. :)

mNhL said...

Wah.....carrying 1 baby and holding 1 preschooler and take bus go kai kai is not easy! U did so well.

Y the tau fu fa so colorful one ?

Mummy Gwen said...

I salute Mummy. It was challenging handling 2 kids all by yourself and taking the bus too. The smiles on Yin Yue's face is totally worth it. She really had a great time. :)

ChloeRuoyi said...

You are really geng! I cannot imagine myself taking the bus alone with a kid and spending the whole day out! Summore, you had baby Yang Yang. I salute you :) Most importantly, everyone had fun. Can see that Yin Yue was really happy that day!

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