Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm BACK - Part 2 !!!

Age: 4 years, 6 months, 1 week old

I really can't wait to be an adult and wear bra. *Mommy roll eyes*
Hmmm... 24F??? LOL!
Mommy noticed something lately, that I like to make funny faces when asked to take photo.
After watching the Tom & Jerry (about pirates story), I told mommy I want to be a pirate too. Heres a pirate talking on the phone. Oh! One more thing, I like to 'make porridge' (talk on the phone for long time, 煲电话粥) lately. She wondered if I'd carry this bad habit when I grow up. If so, she'd have headache then.
My aunt (老二姑) gave me a toy rabbit. It was dirty, so I washed it.
Here is my new sleep partner. :)
These are my sleep partners. Gonna add the toy rabbit into my 'rubbish', mommy said.
CNY is coming. So mommy thought of baking some cookies. The main thing is for good family bonding time. So mommy browsed through the cookie recipe and decided to make Peanut Cookie. We needed to cook the peanuts, separate the skin and smash them.
Add them into icing sugar.
Add in flour.
About to put into the oven. First and second attempt were failed as we didn't know how to adjust the temperature and timing. We can't do it according to the book.
While waiting for 3rd attempt, I was busy playing with these.
3rd attempt, finally looked like peanut cookies. Taste bit too sweet.
Daddy let me customize my alphabet cookies. 
I only managed to make "B".
Ended up all became 1 piece. LOL!

I'm BACK - Part 1 !!!

Age: 4 years, 6 months, 1 week old

Wow, my last wrote was Dec 6 2010. Now already 12 Jan 2011. MIA for so long. A brand new year. Many things happened over the past 1 month. Now let me recall back what had happened on me and Teoh's family. :)

Nasi Lemak Fever - 5 Dec 2010
I like to eat Nasi Lemak. Every Sunday, my breakfast got to be Nasi Lemak.  "o" means egg inside. :) 
It's very spicy. Even mommy says its spicy for her. But I can finish 1 whole pack very quickly every time. Look at my face and mouth, can see that it's very spicy right. :)
No problem. Water can solve the problem. ;p
 School Trip - Penang Bird Park - 6 Dec 2010
Mommy was very excited when she received an SMS from Teacher Fara, the principal of D'monte, telling her that D'monte would have a school trip to Penang Bird Park (there was no school trip at my previous kindy). Yeah, at last something for me to explore. We were asked to wear uniform, and bring own water tumbler. I think mommy was more excited than me. One thing not good was parents were not allowed to follow. :( Mommy can't take photos of my first school trip. After the trip, we went McD for lunch and had my very first Happy Meal and Sundae. We even had a tour at McD to see how they make burgers. What a great day.
  New Addition - 8 Dec 2010
My little brother Yang Yang popped out 2 weeks earlier. Mommy wasn't prepared at all. Mommy's water bag burst at 12-ish in the morning on 8 Dec 2010. Only then mommy and daddy slowly pack the hospital bag. Mommy also requested daddy to cook her something to eat before they go to hospital. Daddy bought "maggi goreng" for mom instead (there are 2 mamaks just outside our house), while I was still sleeping soundly in the room. After that, mommy bathed and wake me up and we headed to the hospital. Yang Yang popped out at 6:32am and weight 2.85kg. I was just 2.72kg then.
I love you, Yang Yang!
Mommy was breastfeeding Yang Yang, in the hospital.
I was busy taking care of Yang Yang, that's why MIA for so long. Don't believe me? here are the proves. Here I helped to comfort him ;P
See? I helped carry him (mommy was quite worry there tho) :P
I helped to look after him so that no naughty people take him away.
I helped to entertain him, talk to him when he was bored.
"No worry lil bro, jiejie is here."
"I'd be with u always."
Beside taking care of lil Yang Yang, I gotta take care of my own baby too. Here I was breastfeeding my lil baby.
And change his pampers whenever its dirty or wet.
I got the chance to drink again mommy's milk. Yeah! Mommy expressed extra or left over for me. :)
Merry Christmas - 25 Dec 2010
We spent our Christmas at home coz mommy wasn't allow to go anyway - confinement.
Yeh Yeh (Grandpa)'s Birthday - 26 Dec 2010
We kinda forgot it was Yeh Yeh's birthday until 8pm. So mommy suggested me to draw a birthday card for Yeh Yeh and asked daddy to rush to the nearest Secret Recipe to buy a piece of cake for a surprise birthday celebration for Yeh Yeh. Yeh Yeh was watching TV in his bedroom. When the card and cake were ready, we entered Yeh Yeh's room and gave him a surprise. He was so happy!
This was the card I drew. :)
"Daddy & Me"
I tell you, I've the best daddy in the world :P We play anything that I requested.  For example: I am the doctor and daddy is the patient.  
And my favorite game is this "Motobike Ride". We both have our own bike - the bolster and our own helmet - you can see from the photo. :P Then we would race and see who is faster. LOL!!! Mommy always laugh out loud!
See how happy I was? This is by far my most favorite game.
"Oh! My helmet dropped! Daddy, WAIT!!
Mommy's Birthday - 28 Dec 2010
We celebrated mommy's birthday in the room as mommy still in her confinement. Bought 2 slices of cakes. Mommy's favorite is cheese cake. This year, we have little Yang Yang celebrate together with us. :)
Me and mommy. Happy Birthday mommy, I love you.
Happy family. Mommy loves this photo very much.
Mechanic  - 31 Dec 2010
Due to confinement, we didn't go anywhere on new year eve. So I rode tricycle at home happily.  I had a  little accident, I was fine but my cousin's tricycle wasn't. I need to mend it then.
I'm good at mending machine or engine (can say expert la) as I go to Yeh Yeh's shop everyday during my 2-week school break.

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