Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Smell Is This?

Age : 5 years, 2 weeks old

Daddy bought 3 durians last Friday ("Xiao-Hong", "Kun-Bao", and "Hu-Lu"). They enjoyed it very much that night. But I didn't feel like eating.

The next morning, daddy put his fingers (right hand) near my nose and then he asked "what smell is this?" (he was expecting me to say durian smell). But instead I said "xiao hong" (小红 in Chinese). Daddy was shocked! Hahhahaa... and then he tried another hand (left) and asked "what smell is this?" "Kun-Bao" I said. LOL ^0^

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't Waste Food

Age : 5 years, 1 week & 2 days old

There is this chapter called "Don't Waste Food" in our Moral textbook. Teacher said we cannot waste food, otherwise the "bug" in our tummy will get bigger and bigger. 

Here I was showing mummy what is called "Don't Waste Food" (lunch time).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Age : 5 years, 1 week & 1 day old

Mummy and I drew some cartoons (following those on my table) 2 days ago. I drew dolphin, giraffe and tiger. 

Very concentrate in drawing my tiger.

 Mummy and daddy both said very nice. Then daddy asked "Why 1 leg big and 1 leg small?"  Then I said "1 leg behind (so it's small) and 1 leg in front (so it's big)."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cut Hair

Age : 5 years & 1 week old

Last Sunday, I happily followed Uncle Lai a.k.a Uncle Jason a.k.a 阿来叔叔 to the saloon and had my hair cut. Mummy said I "kepoh". WHY? Because mummy has been persuading me to cut my hair for weeks but I insisted NOT, despite of hot weather, lazy to tie them up, it looked messy and hot, and last but not least, very difficult to comb after washing. But when Uncle Jason wanted to go last Sunday, I excitedly asked mummy "Can I go saloon with 阿来叔叔?" "You want to cut your hair?" mummy asked. "WANT!" I answered happily. Mummy was like "WHAT? I've been asking you for so many times and you didn't want. But now you want to go because 阿来叔叔 go? Good too la! I don't have to persuade anymore. -_-" 

After that, I didn't quite like the outcome. I told mum "I think I don't look nice in short hair." My mood wasn't good that day and I cried too. Though everybody said I look nice and pretty. =( I even asked mum and dad go and cut their hair short too. 

The next day (Monday), I was back to a happy me.  Because my ex-boyfriend 'Dun Hong' said I look nice. ^0^

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Age : 5 years & 5 days old

Since the other day, the photos were very "dark", so mummy asked me to pose for her again with my birthday hat.
Happy girl I am.
Then mummy took out these and have 'hats photo shooting' session! ^0^

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Officially 5 - Happy Birthday

Age : 5 years old

Yeah! I'm officially 5 years old 2 days ago (5th July). Mummy thought that it would be fun and I would be happy if my classmates sang me birthday song and I cut the cake in class. So she asked me if I wanted to do so a week ago. Happily I said yes. But a day before my birthday, I changed my mind. Reason was "I scared ants go eat my cake!" -_-"

Out at our balcony for our evening walk after dinner. I kept on asking, "Can I eat the cake now?"

Of course mummy said "Wait, later." -_- So I entertained myself with "flower plucking" activity. LOL! 

FINALLY!!! It's 7:45pm. It's MY TIME! I chose this cake last night. Daddy asked "Why not the ice-cream cake?" "It has no cartoon on it!" I replied. Happily showing Yeh-yeh (grandpa) it has my name on it. ^0^ (I gave these 2 cartoons to my teachers as present the next day. Daddy mummy are very happy that I've learnt the Law of Giving.  I always did so. I've given them the flowers from my balcony too. Haha!)

"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to u, Happy birthday to YIN YUE, Happy birthday to u."

Excuse me for the lousy photo quality taken by lousy mobile. Mummy's camera still in the factory. =(

Happily cutting my cake. Mummy kept asking me to cut. I asked "How to cut?"

Yummy yummy! My chocolate cake! See my hat? I chose this because of the princesses. Hehe!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Animals United

Age: 4 years, 11 months, 3 weeks & 5 days old

It's been a week, I've probably forgotten bout my Mulan, and addicted to this animals movie. I'd laugh out loud every time. There is a leopard in the movie that I'm afraid of. When it comes out, I'd escape and look for mum (if nobody watching with me or I'm alone). But yesterday, I didn't run away. Instead, I said "Come la, come la. I'm not afraid of you." (mummy taught me this)  Sure enough, I "fought" with the leopard bravely. Muahahahahah!
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