Sunday, July 22, 2007

2007 Latest Hairstyle + New Tooth

Date : 10th June 2007
Age : 11 months 5 days old

My 3rd tooth came out finally, isn't it cute? Small little tooth. 11 months already only hav 3 teeth. Bit slow huh. But I think slower better. Don't have to brush teeth. :P

Today I know how to say duck duck already. I LOVE DUCK DUCK!!! You know the Digi banner? It has a big duck duck infront, and many small duck ducks followed behind. Everytime I see this banner, I sure go 'duck duck duck duck duck'. Because many duck ducks there. :P

Mommy teach me how to put the toys back to the toybox today. She hold my hand, grab the toy, put into the toybox, one by one, and say "put it back", repeatedly. Somemore want to test me after few times. Without holding my hand, mommy said "bb, put it back" while pointing the the toys on the floor. To show that I understand what mommy trying to say, I grab the toy and put it back into the toybox MYSELF!!! HAHAHA!!! Mommy so happy keep kissing me and say "SMART GIRL!! Mommy sayang!!!" Of coz Im a smart girl, you think what? :p

Mommy see me so action, she pulak mess up my hair and claim it to be the latest hairstyle of the year. What a mommy!!!

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