Friday, July 6, 2007

Want to know how I crawl now?

Date : 18th May 2007
Age : 10 months 13 days old

  • Ask for 'nen nen' when I'm hungry.
  • Few days ago, mommy taught me how to land on the floor from sofa. 'Come, mommy teach you.' Mommy turns me back, hold my legs, and says 'Alright, here you go, use your leg leg to land, not your head'. 'Yeh, smart girl', mommy praised and clap. I was so happy, wanted to climb up to the sofa again and do it again. Mommy of cause praised and clap again. Repeat 4 times. Hahahaha. =D
  • Learning to talk now, likes to 'ah ah ah', when I see daddy walks away, I will 'ah' - as if I'm calling daddy.
  • Don't use my knees to crawl now, use my legs and hands instead. See below:

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