Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy 11 Months Old

Date : 5th June 2007
Age : 11 months old

I already 11 months old today. Coincidently, today also my aunt's wedding day. What I know now?:

  • bird -> ber ber
  • dog -> woh woh
  • cat -> biao
  • daddy -> dad dad
  • food -> mum mum
  • milk -> nen nen
  • fish -> fi
  • book -> boo
  • ball -> boh
  • like to climb up and reverse down the staircase
  • push chair and walk
  • like to ah ah ah when I want to call people
  • like to grab that thing that hanging around mommy's ears and nose, adult call it 'glasses'

Pretty little girl here. First time mommy put a BIG hair clip on my head.

Mommy and I also having the same hair clip. I look prettier.

My auntsssss.

Is this the bride?

I have too many aunts, here are just 1/3 of them.

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