Sunday, July 22, 2007

KL Trip - USANA Grand Opening Ceremony

Date : 23th June 2007
Age : 11 months 2 week 4 days old

Usana Grand Opening Ceremony today at KLCC Convention Hall, its a must to go. As I'm a Usana baby. :)

Visited mommy's god parents. This is mommy's kei yeh, which means he is my kei yeh yeh.

The lady is my kei mah mah.

Photo shooting session after the ceremony with Yek Nee ah yi.

Denis Waitley, he is VERY FAMOUS, all the people want to take photo with him.

The gentleman in the middle is the President of Usana Health Sciences. Very handsome.


Date : 19th June 2007
Age : 11 months 1 week 6 days old

Mommy, HELP!!!! Me and ball ball stuck in the middle.

Money Should Keep in the Drawer

Date : 18th June 2007
Age : 11 months 1 week 6 days old


Date : 13th June 2007
Age : 11 months 1 week 1 day old

Do Homework

Date : 12th June 2007
Age : 11 months 1 week old

Mommy, can you please don't disturb me, I wanna finish the homework in 5 mins.

Now just leave me alone. =p

2007 Latest Hairstyle + New Tooth

Date : 10th June 2007
Age : 11 months 5 days old

My 3rd tooth came out finally, isn't it cute? Small little tooth. 11 months already only hav 3 teeth. Bit slow huh. But I think slower better. Don't have to brush teeth. :P

Today I know how to say duck duck already. I LOVE DUCK DUCK!!! You know the Digi banner? It has a big duck duck infront, and many small duck ducks followed behind. Everytime I see this banner, I sure go 'duck duck duck duck duck'. Because many duck ducks there. :P

Mommy teach me how to put the toys back to the toybox today. She hold my hand, grab the toy, put into the toybox, one by one, and say "put it back", repeatedly. Somemore want to test me after few times. Without holding my hand, mommy said "bb, put it back" while pointing the the toys on the floor. To show that I understand what mommy trying to say, I grab the toy and put it back into the toybox MYSELF!!! HAHAHA!!! Mommy so happy keep kissing me and say "SMART GIRL!! Mommy sayang!!!" Of coz Im a smart girl, you think what? :p

Mommy see me so action, she pulak mess up my hair and claim it to be the latest hairstyle of the year. What a mommy!!!

Date : 5th June 2007
Age : 11 months old

Mommy : BB, what r u doing there?
BB : I wanna get the ball ball, mom.

Happy 11 Months Old

Date : 5th June 2007
Age : 11 months old

I already 11 months old today. Coincidently, today also my aunt's wedding day. What I know now?:

  • bird -> ber ber
  • dog -> woh woh
  • cat -> biao
  • daddy -> dad dad
  • food -> mum mum
  • milk -> nen nen
  • fish -> fi
  • book -> boo
  • ball -> boh
  • like to climb up and reverse down the staircase
  • push chair and walk
  • like to ah ah ah when I want to call people
  • like to grab that thing that hanging around mommy's ears and nose, adult call it 'glasses'

Pretty little girl here. First time mommy put a BIG hair clip on my head.

Mommy and I also having the same hair clip. I look prettier.

My auntsssss.

Is this the bride?

I have too many aunts, here are just 1/3 of them.

Cry cry cry

Date : 30th May 2007
Age : 10 months 25 days old

The Secret

Date : 28th May 2007
Age : 10 months 23 days old

  • I like to sit on mommy's lap everytime mommy plays The Secret, and everytime when the genie come out from the bottle, I'd go 'wooh'. Mommy recorded this. Will ask mommy upload it to youtube later.
  • When mommy says 'hello', I'll put my hand at my ear.
  • Learning how to say 'book' -> 'boo' and 'ball' -> 'boh'.

Hands Up In the Air

Date : 28th May 2007
Age : 10 months 23 days old
Location : Bedroom

I'll do the same when mommy's taking off my clothes. *smart girl* ;)

Friday, July 6, 2007

Vain vain?

Date : 22th May 2007
Age : 10 months 17 days old
Location : Bedroom

Today when mommy say 'fan fan', I said 'vain vain'. Mommy so shocked. Kept repeating, hoping that I'd say again, but .... no more. =P

Location : Kitchen

My favorite place now is FRIDGE!!! When mommy open the fridge, I don't wanna go anywhere else, coz its chilling and so many things to explore there.

Started eating grapes, papaya, and "longan".

Want to know how I crawl now?

Date : 18th May 2007
Age : 10 months 13 days old

  • Ask for 'nen nen' when I'm hungry.
  • Few days ago, mommy taught me how to land on the floor from sofa. 'Come, mommy teach you.' Mommy turns me back, hold my legs, and says 'Alright, here you go, use your leg leg to land, not your head'. 'Yeh, smart girl', mommy praised and clap. I was so happy, wanted to climb up to the sofa again and do it again. Mommy of cause praised and clap again. Repeat 4 times. Hahahaha. =D
  • Learning to talk now, likes to 'ah ah ah', when I see daddy walks away, I will 'ah' - as if I'm calling daddy.
  • Don't use my knees to crawl now, use my legs and hands instead. See below:

First time sitting on a Tesco trolley

Date : 13th May 2007
Age : 10 months 8 days old
Location : Tesco Penang

First time, I liked it.

My new top from Tesco (daddy doesn't always buy me clothes. shhhh.. )

11th May 2007 - 10 months 6 days old

Mommy taught me how to sayang her. When mommy says 'sayang mommy', I kiss mommy's cheek. Mommy sooooooooooooooo happy. When daddy is back, she shows off. Ha!!

10th May 2007 - 10 months 5 days old

Now I'm learning to walk, I like to hide behind the mattress and walk from this end to the other end. Speed is getting faster and faster.

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's day was actually on 13th May 2007, but we celebrated 1 week earlier in a Szechuan Cuisine Restaurant in Autocity.

Photo taking session while waiting for our lunch.

'Da gu' and her boy friend.

Guess what was I holding in my hand?

A cute little spoon.

Yeh yeh and nai nai.

My family photo.

Yummy yummy, all I cannot eat thou. While they adult enjoying their meal, I enjoying my rice cereal. *slurp*

I was so tired until fall asleep on our way back home after the Mother's day celebration.

Mommy likes to capture ppl's ugly photo. HMPH!!!!

Home sweet home, playing with daddy on the bed.

Yeh, I know how to clap already. *clap clap clap*

When I pull the curtain, daddy goes 'wah, hot hot'. I laugh until mommy came and see whats so funny.
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