Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Last Sunday, we went to USM's 1Malaysia Woman Carnival. WABA and MMPS (Mother-to-Mother Peer Support), a Penang breastfeeding support group, shared a booth there. As a core member of MMPS, mummy brought us all there to support and "jaga" the booth for 2 hours. Here you see are mummy and Yang Yang di-di in his new pouch. Mummy has blog about this pouch here. Where was I? I was lying on the mat. Can see me?
Why was I lying on the mat? Coz I wasn't feeling well. I was alright in the car before reaching the hall.  When we reached the hall, there wasn't any trees in the car park. Alamak! After parking the car, we had to walk to the hall under the HOT HOT HOT HOT sun! Before that, we were in the car with AIR-CON. Then straight away entered into the COLD COLD COLD COLD hall. After about 20-30 minutes, I started to feel dizzy. Daddy asked me to lie down there.
Am I cool? Despites of the dizziness, I still can play, run and act like James Bond girl. LOL!
I even got myself a red balloon from another booth. After another 30 minutes, I told daddy I was very cold. Then we all left the hall and walk to the car under the HOT HOT HOT HOT sun again (from the cold hall). We cancelled our dinner with my aunt and headed straight home because they knew something wasn't right when I rejected mummy's snack when she offered me. The "normal" me won't reject any food! I felt very dizzy and slept in the car.
They were right. I got fever on Sunday night, due to the hot cold hot cold situation.  I was 38.7 degrees C at 9:30pm. Ate twice and vomited twice. But I still remember my red balloon. =P Mummy put the "Bye Bye Fever Pad" on my forehead, I've longed for it. Always wanted to stick it on but mummy said only to be used when I got fever. Now really got fever lah. "See, fever is no fun, do you still want to play with the bye bye fever pad?" mummy asked. "Don't want." I replied.

Before sleeping, I took a HOT BATH! Throughout the night, daddy and mummy were busy waking up asking me to drink water and taking the temperature. At 1:30am, I was 38.3 degrees C. Went down slightly. At 4am, I was 38.4 degrees C. Then at 8am, I was 38.3 degrees C. Mummy gave me Vitamin C instead of paracetamol. I've never taken paracetamol when I fall sick. Because mummy always said medicine is poison. Our body doesn't need it.  
My temperature went down to 38 degrees C at 12pm and I got appetite to eat  porridge and "ikan bilis" and some bean curd. I finished what mummy has given me and asked for more.
I took another HOT bath about 2:15pm and my temperature went down again to 37.8 degrees C at 2:30pm. No more headache and started to play like a "normal" me. Here I pretended my balloon was a mower and I was cutting the grass on the ground. LOL!!! Mummy continue giving me Vitamin C and lots of water and took another hot bath in the evening. My temperature went back to normal at 36.6 degrees C at 2am this morning.

Fever has gone and I was back to normal me, and so means I've to go to school today (was absent yesterday). But I told mummy I don't want to go to school this morning. Mummy asked why and I said I wanted to stay at home. After some "talking", I was Ok, took my breakfast and followed daddy to school. However, I cried a little bit when I reached school. Then teacher Mary came and carry me. I told teacher Mary "I ONLY WANT YOU TEACH ME!" (hahahhaha... broken English, cham-lah)

Remedy for my fever: multivits and minerals, vitamin C, lots of water and HOT BATH!

* Age: 4 years, 7 months, 3 weeks & 3 days old


Sheoh Yan said...

Thanks for the remedy. So good, no need to see doctor and take antibiotic, and Yin Yue has recovered fast.

Yin Yue said...

@Sheoh Yan, she has been taking multivits and minerals and also grape seed extracts, so her immune is quite strong, can recover quite fast. just the weather was so extreme. sigh.

Alice Law said...

Wwow... salute for not using paracetamol!! You remind me of my wonderful mum, she too never give us any medicine but using old remedies like blankie us until sweats sort of thing!;D

Yin Yue said...

@Alice, I found hot bath is very working. Purpose is to let our 'hair lubang' (毛孔) open n release the heat. but be careful no fan/wind after bathing. :) and don't need to wear long sleeves long pants all time as like this heat cannot release.

ChloeRuoyi said...

This hot-cold-hot-cold situation can really make people fall sick. I've kena before too :(

Glad that Yin Yue can recover so fast without taking any "poison" (medicine) hehe. I also don't like to give med to Chloe esp if it's just mild cough and cold. I only bring her to see a doctor when it is something serious like her high fever last week, which was her 1st time getting it.

Small Kucing said...

hmm...agree with Chloe Ruo Yi

glad Yin Yue is better now

mNhL said...

Glad your girl is ok now. And kudos to mummy...not giving her 'poison'. Yes...bathing is good to bring down the temperature.

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