Monday, November 22, 2010

Fruitful Weekend

Age: 4 years, 4 months, 2 weeks, 3 days old

For me, weekends always not boring. Because I have many activities awaits me. =) In this past weekend, I did quite a few things:

#1: Went to Yeh-Yeh's (grandpa) shop

He is my Ah-Bi 叔叔 (uncle), I love to play with him.

I helped daddy to mend a machine that day, and daddy gave me some wages (play play only 1 la... lol).

My favorite thing in Yeh-Yeh's shop is VITAGEN! Because D'Lima is just next to Yeh-Yeh's shop, so every time I go there, I'd ask daddy to buy me a vitagen. After few times, daddy trained me to buy it myself. Daddy taught me one Ringgit and 10 cents. So I took exactly RM1.10 from daddy's wallet, and off I went to the shop alone (the shop cashier already be-friended with me) and bought Vitagen myself.

There was once, I took RM1.10 and went to D'Lima. I took the Peel Fresh Mango Juice instead (not Vitagen), gave the cashier RM1.10 and I left =p. Ah-Bi 叔叔 was surprised, paid RM1.10 and got something worth RM1.90. HA! Then daddy taught me different things different prices. After that he gave me another RM1 and I went settled with the cashier. The cashier happily returned 20 cents back to me. Hahaha.. lesson learnt! =P
#2: Homemade Flash Cards

Mommy made me some flash cards (should say 'flash paper', as its A4 paper =p) to see if I still remember Peter and Jane. I've learnt Peter and Jane in my previous kindy until book 4A somewhere in early June this year. Mommy didn't want to pressure me that much, so she started book 1C with me again with the 'flash paper'. I kinda like this game.

My homemade 'flash paper'. We played the 'write out correctly' exercise from book 1C. Mommy showed me the wrong sentence and I chose the correct words from here and arranged them correctly. 
My cheecky face when it comes to TOYS! Oh yes, I like toys. =D
'Peter and Jane like the dog'
I can solved them quite fast. Mommy was impressed.
#3: Tidy up my drawer

After bathing (haven't even combed my hair), my mood suddenly came, I wanted to tidy up my drawer. Hehehe... I took all my shorts, panties, and clothes out, and fold it again one by one, then put them back again into the drawer.

Me folding my short.
#4: Became a teacher

I like to be a teacher (maybe its my ambitious? who knows?) and teach or read story to daddy mommy. Yesterday, I was the teacher, and daddy was my student. I asked daddy to listen to me once, and then he had to repeat the story when I'm finished.

"Listen carefully, teacher read once and then you read OK?"
My student's turn to read the story. I like to hold his finger and point the words one by one when he is reading to make sure he knows the words and not memorizing. LOL!
#5: Make a farm

Since kakak (the maid) likes gardening and she did plant some onions and chili, so mommy decided to transform our messy backyard to a farm for kakak to plant more veges. Actually do we consider this as a backyard? Or just a 'lorong' at the back. =P

Before: so messy. Even have snake and big lizard here
Before: so messy.
These are planted by kakak.
As it was too messy and many BIG RED ANTS, me and mommy stayed inside the house watching them. I was standing on the chair so the big red ants cannot climb up my legs.
The papaya tree was too big. Need to use the saw.
After: Done done done!!! A very neat backyard we have now. Next is to wait for mommy and daddy go buy some seeds.
Just simply asked mommy to take me picture.
#6: Went library

Sunday is library day. Mommy and daddy like to go library because some books cannot be borrowed, only for reference. So they go there and read. And my purpose to library is not to read but play. As there is a special room for kids, and there is a slide inside for kids to play. Hehehe =)

#7: Went stadium

After library, we went to the stadium nearby our house. This is a must-go-place for me. Why? Because of the playground. Hahahaha... 

What a wonderful and fruitful weekend I had. =)


Sheoh Yan said...

Wow! I saw Yin Yue doing a Yoga Tree pose. Who did she learn from? Mummy? Yin Yue has so many activities. Well done to Yin Yue, Daddy and Mummy

Small Kucing said... did so many things last weekend ah? Not tired ah?

btw, thanks for following me in my old blog. I have moved my blog to to see you there and do update you bloglist ya.


Angie said...

Aw Yin Yue's smile is so sweet >0<
You did so many activities on the weekend eh? I had a busy weekend too, but I enjoyed it and glad to see that you enjoyed it too! ^_^ Yin Yue always looks so entusiast for every activity she has, good girl ^^ I love your spirit Yin Yue!

Alice Law said...

So much fun at Yeh Yeh's shop, I'm sure her calculation will be outstanding once she gets older!

Yin Yue is a clever girl, undoubtedly a young reader! I can't wait Juan Juan's turn to start reading on her own, to date she still very much depends on Auntie to read to her!^-^

Have a nice day!

Yin Yue said...

@Sheoh Yan, she learnt from me. I do yoga at home. Everytime I do yoga, she very excited 1. =)

@Small Kucing, where got tired lerh. Want more activities somemore. Have updated my bloglist. :)

@Angie, glad that you enjoyed your weekend too. We always have to enjoy what we do. :)

@Alice, don't know about her calculation.. as just give her exactly RM1.10 ma. hahahha... Juan Juan is only 3 years plus la, sooner or later, she will become teacher and read to you. Hehehe :) Have a nice day to you too.

Small Kucing said... i feel really a bit of activity already tired out :P

Anonymous said...

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