Monday, November 29, 2010

Lovely and Jealous Sunday

Age: 4 years, 4 months, 3 weeks, 3 days old

It was quite a fun and happening Sunday as my cousin sister (Hui-Hui), Da gu (aunt), Da Gu Zhang (uncle) and Siao Gu (aunt) all came back. Suddenly the house was full of people. I had the chance to play with Hui-Hui again. But jealousness still can be found in me. Hui-Hui is about 2 years old in another 3 months, she likes to play with my daddy (as my daddy is so cheerful, all kids like him :P). She always called my daddy her 'daddy', and call her own daddy 'papa'. She likes my daddy to carry her, whenever she does that, I'd ask daddy to carry me as well (jealous ma). Mommy always pity daddy has to carry 2 girls, 1 right 1 left. Luckily daddy is quite strong. =D She has her own nice pink tricycle but she insisted to sit on my 'lauya' cheap tricycle. Daddy and mommy always advised me to let her sit as her own pink tricycle seems a bit too big for her, she can't reach the pedal. Sometimes I'd give, but sometimes I'd show faces. :( But after all, I love Hui Hui. :p

After they left at about 4pm-ish, we (mommy, daddy and I) had our little family game, we played the 'snake game' (I wonder is it called snake game? ;p)

I was the first one to start. Yeah! I got 6.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.... (half-way through...)
It was fun, as throughout the journey, I climbed up the ladders and slided from the snakes too. LOL =D
When climbed up ladder that time, sure happy la, fly like aeroplane.
When 'kena' snake, this look.
This was my last, I got 5 and I reached the 'FINISH' line.
Yippee!!! I was the first to reach the 'FINISH'. Yeah, I am the champion! Then mommy and daddy carried on, mommy was the second and daddy was the last. =D
After the 'snake' game, we continued with this game. Mommy thought she knows how to play this game, but at the end nobody knows, not even daddy. So we played our own way. Hahaha.. :D
Oh! Not to forget this one. After the game, we went to Mr. DIY to see see look look as suggested by auntie Alice. Mommy found out the stuff there are quite cheap. Not many puzzles tho. At the end, mommy bought some stuff for DiDi (my little brother) and a brand new kitty toothbrush + toothbrush holder for me (I chose this myself). =D


Small Kucing said...

another very active weekend :D

Sheoh Yan said...

April and May also like to play snack chest, but they lose, they would cry one. So I have to warn them before hand for not crying when losing the games.

Yin Yue said...

@Small Kucing, not as active as last weekend la. :)

@Sheoh Yan, same here la, she cried the first time we played few weeks ago. That time daddy was the first to finish and she kept sliding down from the snake. But yesterday she was ok as I did warn her before hand. :P

ChloeRuoyi said...

Very soon, Yin Yue must learn to share her daddy with didi lor... cannot be jealous all the time ok!

Chloe has the same toothbrush holder too... but hers is a yellow cat :)

Angie said...

Wah, fun family bonding ^_^
Well, I'll be jealous too if another kid treats my Dad like that LOL type of daddy princess who easily get jealous!:P But I don't get jealous with my own siblings of course :P hahaha
Anyway, the toothbrush is really cute! All toothbrushes in my home are plain =="

Mummy Gwen said...

We haven't introduced this game with Gwen yet..only UNO. Gwen gets jealous too when I pay attention to other kids.

Yin Yue said...

@Chloe mummy, must learn. otherwise, I take care didi and daddy take care Yin Yue. =D What a coincidence, we have the same toothbrush holder. :)

@Angie, kids are mostly like that, will be jealous one. Kind of normal. Hehehe..

@Mummy Gwen, I myself (mommy) don't know how to play UNO, hahahhaa... shame shame.

Alice Law said...

Oh... not many in Mr D.I.Y, perhaps you can try to customise and make your own puzzle, it should be fun for Yin Yue too!

Or you can try those online puzzle!^-^

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